Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brain Dump - July 13th

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Today was a day of highs for the Bullards. Woohoo!

a. We joined Mt Hebron aka "The Mount" at today's 7:50 am service. It's our new church home, and the place we unreservedly believe God has led us to connect with. Kevin and I spent time this afternoon looking at the list of ministries our church offers so we can get involved with what God is doing at The Mount! (Hey, Sharon!)

b. Thankful that my buddy and I were able to take a Sunday afternoon nap! Four Sundays straight we've done this, and I'm starting to like this habit of ours. ;)

c. We toured a rental home today that we believe may be he one! During my training last week, a fellow homeschooling mom invited my family to join hers under a shade tree for lunch. We obliged. During our lunch conversation I shared that my family was looking for a rental home. She immediately told me she had a friend who was moving to Oregon, and they were looking to rent their home out. We connected with the owners and toured the house today.

d. It was so HOT today! Oh my goodness, this heat is not like NC heat. I had learned to tolerate NC heat and actually enjoy it. This comes from growing up on a farm, and having to work in the hot sun during the summer. Texas heat is like a sauna.

e. Kevin and I took the kids to the community pool today. They swam while we sat under an arbor enjoying a bit of shade. My excuse that I didn't pack my swim suit won't work when we move into our own home. The kids will plead for me (and Kevin, too) to get in and swim. I have to give credit to Kevin: he swam with the kids last week while at the pool.

f. We drove to Dallas to spend some time with my brother-in-law, Chris. We ended up at the Dealey Plaza exploring and reading the JFK displays. It was really cool to visit a place that still captivates so many people for various reasons. The girls found it intriguing, and enjoyed observing the area. But, when bedtime arrived they both piled up in our bedroom for the night. Kevin, Max, and I are ready to watch some documentaries and the movie about JKF's assasination.

g. Although this didn't happen today, I thought I'd share it. Friday one of the homeschooling moms who lives in the neighborhood we're staying in right now invited our family over for dinner. The fellowship was awesome! It was just what we all needed. Their kids connected with our kids, and we all just had a wonderful time together.

Cetelia will bloom where she is planted!