Friday, July 11, 2014

Brain Dump - July 10th

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a. Today the kids and I attended a Classical Conversations Practicum, which provides me with the training required to teach in the program in Plano, Texas. 

b. Attending an event alone is not my idea of fun. This morning Isaiah 41:10 brought me comfort. Knowing that people who care about me (& my family) were praying brought me peace, too. 

c. Two of my kids expressed reluctance in attending their camp: one not wanting to exit the car when we arrived, and the other crying and holding tightly to my leg when we reached the drop off classroom. Once I finally got the kids in their respective classrooms, my eyes welled with tears as I walked down the stairs. Not only had I dropped my kids off into a room with perfect strangers, but I, too, was headed into an auditorium filled with perfect strangers. After finding a seat, I looked up on the wall and there staring back at me was the word, Emmanuel. At that moment, I was reminded again that I'm not alone, for God is with me.  

d. I thought about my North Carolina CC tutor friends often today.  Oh, how I missed them tremendously. 

e. By the end of the day, I had connected with several moms who will participate in the group my family will be participating in. I am looking forward to getting to know these moms when school begins. The kids made some connections in their classrooms, too. 

f. Kevin and I enjoyed an evening chat outside on the patio. We shared with each other about our day and talked about Marriage Works. 

g. House hunting is on hold until next week since I'll be in training (and the kids in camp) for the next two days.  

h. For those who asked me to send the prayer I've been using to help me respect Kevin here it is. I apologize I don't have the source, but will try and find it so I can attribute it to the writer. 

Prayer: Controlling My Tongue

Lord, I ask that you please guide my tongue. When I want to criticize my husband's decisions, remind me to talk to You first ... You may have something to show me that I do not see. Remind me that in trusting my husband's decision, I am also trusting You. Holy Spirit please help me to control and tame my tongue. I pray for wisdom when I speak, and  pray that what I say benefits others. Help me to use my words to encourage, uplift, and wisely advise others. I pray that You would help me in this area in Jesus' Name. Amen! 

i. I end tonight's brain dump with words from the hymn, Let Me Come Closer to Thee, Lord Jesus. 

Let me come closer to Thee, Lord Jesus,
Oh, closer day by day;
Let me lean harder on Thee, Lord Jesus,
Yes, harder, all the way.

Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!