Monday, June 16, 2014

Brain Dump - Jun 16th

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a. Today has been a day of mixed emotions -- lots of highs and lows, tears and smiles.

b. The girls and I stayed at the house while Kevin and Max took our friends' boys to their basketball game. 

c. Caitlin, Kuria, and I ate watermelon and sardines outside (there are no signs I did this, so Kevin will never know unless one of you spills the beans), and then we painted our fingers and toes to top off our outside excursion.

d. I didn't pass up the opportunity to take a power nap today. It felt so good to not think and just sleep.

e. The girls watched a movie today called The Adventures of Bailey The Lost Puppy. The movie conjured up thoughts about their dog, Marty, and the tears and snot begin to flow.  Kuria hugged me, and we prayed together for our dog.

f. During dinner Kuria said, "My favorite color is Carolina Blue because it reminds me of NC. When the Tar Heels play, I'll remember NC, too."

g. I've seen tons of cattle and horse peacefully grazing while out driving around. To me it's a sweet thing to see animals eating green grass and being able to roam freely on the land (my friends Jaime and Matrice would appreciate this!).

h. Kevin and I took an evening walk and oh, how lovely the cool wind felt blowing across my cheeks. I told Kevin I was going to put this marriage hiccup in my brain dump. Our walk started off a little rocky because Kevin wanted to walk sooooo slow and I wanted to walk at a quicker pace (just wanted to get my heart rate up).  So to appease him I slowed down and he did the opposite and sped up for my sake.  We kept walking and eventually found a rate that worked!! Then we connected through conversation.

i. During our walk we both agreed that yesterday was by far our best day in Texas for a number of reasons. #1 - We attended our new church home.  There is a quote that says, "Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated." Yesterday we felt celebrated and welcomed at the church we believe God has called us to join.  #2 - We had the best home cooked meal we've had since leaving Greensboro, including skillet apple pie (my favorite dessert). #3 - Our kids' need to connect with other children with common interests was met. #4 - Kevin and I felt really comfortable, like we were among dear friends with our lunch hosts.  #5 - Yesterday our time spent looking at houses opened our thinking to other options besides just renting. The day ended leaving Kevin and me extremely hopeful and excited about having a new home soon.

j. We found out today, the two homes we felt very hopeful about are under contract. Bummer!!  Receiving the news took the wind out of my sails (Kevin's, too), and I found myself in a place of having to really encourage myself.

k. I have found rereading my blog and refreshing myself with the verses of scripture the Lord had already given me helped encourage my faith.

l. For some reason, I missed Greensboro like crazy today. Silent tears streamed down my face periodically as I thought about my old life. My friend, Rachelle, reminded me that it's hard to embrace the new while clinging to the old. Thanks, Rachelle!

m. I'm praying and purposing not to allow the old nor the disappointments I encounter keep me from opening my heart wide with anticipation, and extending my arms fully to embrace the full will of Christ in my life.

n. Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!