Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brain Dump - June 15th

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a. Our friends (the wife) cooked breakfast for us this morning. We had biscuits, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal. Did I tell you the friends we are staying with are beyond wonderful?!?

b. We drove one hour and thirty minutes to attend our new church home located in Garland. To Kevin's dismay, we arrived five minutes late (I promise I'll be ready to go next Sunday!).

c. On our drive back from church we were super sleepy, so we stopped for Starbucks! I can't imagine having to drive this far for church every Sunday and Wednesday. "Dear Jesus, please help us find a home that is closer to our new church home."

c. Last Sunday and this Sunday we heard a men's choir sing. This is the most we've heard a men's choir sing in several years. 

d. After church we were treated to the best home cooked meal we've eaten since being in the Lone Star state. The spread was laid, and we dug in and relished in all its goodness. (Thanks, Sharon!)

e. Also, Sharon unknowingly fixed my favorite dessert:  apple pie. I had it alongside a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. The folks in Texas rave about Blue Bell ice cream.

f. The kids are ready to get back into their respective sports (basketball for Max, and gymnastics for Caitlin & Kuria Joy).

g. Max played basketball after church with a new friend today named Josiah. It was life to his soul to play basketball with someone who loves the game as much as he does.

h. The girls connected with a sweet girl named Zion today who loves gymnastics, too.

i. God is certainly working all things out for our family, maybe not how and when we want them done, but He is perfecting everything that concerns us.

j. Kevin and I were lovingly chauffeured around to look at homes today. We have renewed hope and our expectations have been rekindled after finding two homes that we are going to investigate.

k.  On our way home from Garland today, Kevin spotted a tarantula crossing the street. We stopped, and were able to take a video of it.

l. It still feels like we are on some super extended vacation.   I suppose it won't really feel like Texas is home until we have our own home.

m. My family went on a walk tonight. It felt good for us all to be together holding hands, walking and talking.

o. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, Kevin. I'm so glad you are my gift, and that our kids have you as their dad.