Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brain Dump - June 11th

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a. I dropped my best buddy (Kevin) off at the airport this morning. He'll definitely be missed while he's away. Saturday can't come fast enough. Please pray with me that he will be an instrument of God's peace & comfort to his friend Edgar.

b. It's just me and the kids until Saturday. Today they enjoyed slushes! 

c. The DFW airport is like a maze. It took me a minute to figure out how to get out of that place. 

d. For some reason, going through the tolls is cool to me. It's amazing how at the speed of 70 mph they can read my toll sticker or my tag (not sure which it is) and charge me. My kids' horizons are being expanded by being in a big city like Dallas. 

e. We stopped by Ms. Patsy's house to see Marty. Oh, he was so thrilled to see us. Poor doggie - he's had to adjust to so much lately. I wonder what he must be thinking. It was so sad to have to leave him again with the sitter. It makes me expectant even more for the day when we are all together again in our own dwelling place.
f. The kids and I stopped by Central Market for a second visit. We had time to browse around the store this time (I wonder if Kevin not being with us had something to do with that?!?). It was awesome to see devices installed that allow the customer to print their own price tag labels for bulk bin items.

g. The kids enjoyed another night of VBS. Max even asked me about attending another VBS once this one is complete. In years past the kids attended at least three VBSs each summer. The Lord provided the kids with the perfect outlet. I'm amazed at how God is meeting their needs, too, in big ways.

h. This evening I enjoyed some me time.  It was just me and God in a big, quiet, empty house. I'm not afraid of being alone with God. It's during those times I can best quiet myself, and discern what He is really saying.

i. The song 139 by Gateway Worship came on during my me time. It spoke of how intimately and perfectly the Lord knows me. He knows each of us this way. He knows my heart, and I can't escape His love for me. As I live this new chapter in a new place, it's imperative that I discover who I really am. I believe the Lord will help me do just that.

j. Lord, show me a picture of what I can be. I've always told the Lord that I want to be more than just good looks. That is my heart. I determined to do the good works God prepared for me to do. We all have them -- good works already prepared for us to accomplish, according to Ephesians 2:10.

k. 1st night without my best buddy, and the girls have invaded my bed. For some reason, they feel entitled to take his spot when he travels. I don't mind. <3

l. Bloom Where You Are Planted - that phrase will be up somehow and somewhere in my new home. I received a birthday card from some special folks that stated this beautifully. It spoke to me then, so I preserved it as a keepsake to encourage me.

m. Tonight talking to a precious loved one, they told me those exact words, "Cetelia, you are in a new place, but you will bloom where you are planted!"

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