Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brain Dump - June 19th

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a. The girls went to a playground today, and I looked down and back up, and they were already involved in a game of tag with the other children on the playground. To me that's beauty! That's something to smile about!

b. The girls were so excited to meet new friends today at the playground. 

c. I visited a Sprouts grocery for the first time today. They carry a wide selection of organic and non-organic items. I wasn't too impressed with the prices.

d. I found it very convenient and ingenious to have the bananas separated based on their ripe time. I vote all grocery stores do this!

e. The girls and I bought a pint of blueberries today. They were delicious. However, I immediately thought about how the kids and I were going to miss our annual blueberry picking trip. :-( On the bright side, at least we can buy them from the grocery store.

f. There are pockets of each day where I just miss my beloved Greensboro. I think it's okay. After all, it has only been 20 days since we left.

g. Questioning God today. It would be nice to know more details about this season I'm in right now.

h. I trust that He is leading me in paths of righteousness and rightness.

i.  I feel like we are feeling our way through this transition. And in many ways, it's like we are spinning our wheels in the sand.

j. Despite my feelings, I'm confident God will provide. He always does perfectly in His timing.

k. I appreciate how Kevin and I have grown together in this venture we are on. Our daily evening walks help us decompress, and sort through our thoughts and feelings as we share them with one other.

l. Given my personality, it would be so easy for me to just pull back and slip into my shell.

m. Today we considered apartment living, and that led me to spend several hours searching for one. Out of the ones I called (apartments located in Garland, Richardson, & North Dallas), there were no 3 bedrooms available. Here I am thinking, it would be easy-peasy to find an apartment. Instead the response I received was, "Can I add your name to our 30-60 day waiting list?"

n. Okay, Lord! What are you saying? What are you doing? These are unfamiliar paths, and I'm expecting your guidance. (Isaiah 42:16)

o. Reading Psalm 23 has brought me a wealth of peace and comfort today. I've quoted it, I've read it, and reread it.

p. Each day the Lord restores/refreshes my soul so I can keep moving on this journey He has me on.

q. This experience is so humbling in many ways. I know it's God's way of making me (and my family) more like Him.

r. Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!