Sunday, June 8, 2014

Brain Dump - June 7th

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a. Lord -- it seems like things are happening so fast in my life right now. You are my constant; the rock that I cling to. How can I handle the changes of life without the firm foundation I have found you?

b. Thank you for my spiritual mom.

c. We picked Marty up at the place where he was being boarded today. We weren't pleased with the service they provided.

d. We dropped Marty off at the pet sitter's home, Ms. Patsy. She is a retired lady who loves dogs. Marty was so glad to be able to play with her two dogs, Molly & Ranger. To top that, he gets to sleep on her bed each night this week. Marty is in dog heaven, and we are happy that he is being well taken care of now.

e. We stopped by Taco Cabana today. A fast food taco joint. In my opinion it was okay. If I never went there again, I would be totally fine and definitely not lose any sleep.

f. We met a dear college friend today in Hillsboro, Texas. She surprised us with a pastry item (I don't recall the exact name) from a Czech bakery.

g. I've been without sunglasses for over a week because I left my pair at Deanne's house. (Deanne: I left them there on purpose so you could bring them to me!) :-)

h. I'm missing my twin, Jamelia - my fashion consultant - who is always willing to help me with my clothing issues. I was in the store today trying to pick out a simple pair of sunglasses.

i. Kevin took a video of me wearing the sunglasses, and sent it to Jamelia. She responded with "No! I don't like those." So I didn't buy them.  

k. I've always enjoyed shopping with Jamelia,, and having her assist me in picking out outfits that are stylish and compliment my body type.
She has an eye for fashion.
l. I will miss meeting up with my sister to go shopping. Maybe I can convince Kevin to pick up the slack. I miss you, sis!!

m. For years I would randomly confess Psalm 25:1-2 out loud: "Unto thee, oh Lord, do I lift up my soul. Oh my God, I trust in thee. Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me."

n. I have not said it in a long while, but it has been on my mind. So today I said it at least a couple of times, if not more. I like the fact that I'm telling myself that I trust in the Lord. It's so fitting for where we are right now.

o. I enjoyed sharing the story of how Kevin and I met with the friends we are staying with and hearing them share their story, too.

p. The kids and I watched our friend cut filets from the fresh fish he caught. Surprisingly, there was no fish smell.

q. I hate that Kevin lost a very dear college friend to cancer today.

r. It's humbling to still be living with our friends, and not have a home of our own yet. It's humbling for us to have to depend on others for a basic necessity such as shelter.

s. Lord, you are great. You do miracles so great! I heard this song in my head this morning during my quiet time, and I'm wholly convinced God is working even when it looks just the opposite. 

t. Believers are all connected to one another. I'm learning how my sensitivity or lack thereof can keep me or my family from being a part of God's plan.

u. Thankfully, the friends we are staying with are sensitive to the Lord's plan, and have joined Him in the work He's doing to provide for us.

v. I've asked Christ to give me His perspective on the friendships that I have back in NC, and the new ones I'm establishing in Texas. I'm desperate to see things from God's view point.

w. I received a birthday card from dear friends that read, "Bloom Where You are Planted!" I believe blooming where I'm planted will start with our connection to a local church body.

x. Kevin and I may not know the answer to every question we've asked the Lord, but I am thankful He has made it clear to us where our new church home will be.