Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brain Dump - June 24th

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a. During my morning devotional, James 1:4 resonated with me. Several prayers originated from my study of this verse...

1.  Lord, give my family wisdom to make the right use of where we are right now (particularly as we wait on our home).

2.  Lord, help my family to remain steady in our purpose and continue fervently in our devotion to God.

3.  Lord, give my family wisdom in this place to manage our own spirit and our affairs.

b. We spent time at the library today, and it was enjoyable. When we finally get settled, we're getting a library card! The kids and I can hardly wait.

c. I purchased these cookies from Walmart as a sweet snack for myself. (See y'all, I do eat sweets!).  I thought they were a little too sweet, but the enjoyed them without reservation. It didn't take long for the pouch to be empty.

d. We had planned to take Marty to the park today during our visit, but a thunderstorm changed our plans.  After letting him walk around in the parking lot, we all piled into my car when the rain started. While sitting in the car with torrential rains pounding on my SUV, Max, the comedian in the family, had everyone laughing with his jokes. As a family we experienced joy in the midst of the mess going on outside around us. This is the perfect illustration for how I feel about our current lot. God has provided a peaceful habitation for my family despite all that is going on all around us.

e. Tonight I wish I could be closer to my sister. Being far away is no fun when you need each other. Love you, Jamelia!

f. We had an open, honest and encouraging talk with our host friends tonight. The conversation was needed and appreciated. Makes me grateful for friends who have a genuine heart for helping others.

g. Texas has a different kind of heat than NC. I'm still trying to get
acclimated to the heat, which makes your clothes sorta stick to you at times. Today the kids and I enjoyed Blue Bell fruit bars for the first time. They were yummy and helped cool us off.

h. Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!