Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brain Dump - June 29th

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a. We attended church in Garland, which is an hour and a half drive from Fort Worth. I'd like to proudly say that we made it to church early, which in Kevin's mind means we were on time. Thanks to Kevin's time sensitivity, our family tries to adhere to the motto: To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late. We had to overcome a few obstacles, one being, a daughter sitting in the car with only one shoe on. Why?!? I have no idea.

b. Here's a picture of the Ralph Lauren size 10. It's still a miracle to me that the dress fit. Again, I have a Father who cares about me; the little and big details that concern me. It makes me love and trust Him more!

c. After church we drove through a few communities looking at houses.

d. I'm expecting divine connections to be established in our lives. I desire the Lord to connect us with people who will stretch us to be better disciples of Christ, push us to reach our full potential, and help pull out of us all the gifts and talents God has put in us. That's a tall order because when I look at myself I have so many areas that need attention. Not too hard for God!

e. During my prayer time this morning, it was really on my heart to talk with our friends about sharing their knowledge and passions with our kids through some type of instruction. I'm not sure what this all looks like, so we'll see how this unfolds.

f. While talking to my sister this evening on the phone (I enjoyed our conversation sis), I pulled weeds out of the flower bed. There's something magical about fingers being in dirt. Tonight, I'm thankful for my twin sister and the relationship we have. I can see the distance creating a deeper and purer bond between us (God does know what He is doing!).

g. I connected with a Classical Conversations director today about potentially tutoring in the fall. I was invited to join their tutors' planning meeting tomorrow night. I'm equally excited and nervous. Excited about the chance to finally meet some homeschooling mamas -yes! Simply nervous about being the new person in the group.

h. During tonight's evening stroll with my buddy, Kev, we saw a skunk and a possum. The nocturnal animal kingdom was active and so were we as we quickly kept on moving. Our walk was mostly quiet this time, just taking in the coolness of the wind and the magnificence of the night sky. There's hardly any light pollution where we are, so the stars can be seen beaming in all their beauty. Each time I stare at them, I'm reminded of how amazing my God is in all His power and strength.

Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!