Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brain Dump - June 27th

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a. It's weird being in a place where everyone is a complete stranger. It would be so nice to spontaneously bump into someone I know while out and about. I'm looking forward to the day this happens.

b. I desire so badly to be able to announce to the world, "We have our own home!" I eagerly await that moment when my hope is fulfilled. 

c. I totally dropped the ball in returning the tutor materials for a Classical Conversations homeschool class I taught back in NC. I was starting to feel badly about myself until my friend, Cindy B., sent me a text saying, "Let it go!"

d. Lord what do you require of the Bullards?

e. Tonight I traded text messages with my friend, Jenna H., who recently moved to Guam. Wow! She shared an amazing word picture with me that gave me a fresh new perspective of transitioning. Thank you, Jenna!!

f. Kevin and I are amazed at the amount of encouragement and support we have received from family and friends. I am extremely humbled each time someone takes a moment from their schedule to reach out and remind us of their love and support and of God's faithfulness.

g. Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!