Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brain Dump - June 10th

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a. We spent a couple of hours at the Benbrook public library in Fort Worth today. I had the opportunity to read a story to the kids, which is something I had not done in a couple of weeks and sorely missed. 

b. Unfortunately, we couldn't take a load of books with us because we don't have cards yet :(  The library had iPads stationed in the children's section for the kids to play educational games. I don't think the Greensboro libraries are doing this yet.

c. While the kids enjoyed another night of VBS, Kevin and I had a mini-date. We sat face-to-face at Panera, enjoyed our Fuji Apple Chicken salads, and simply talked. It was really nice!

d. I sat savoring the quiet moments with my best buddy, not wanting to face the reality that he would be gone for four days.

e. I wish Kevin didn't have to leave for NJ at this time, but I understand the opportunity he has to support and to point to Christ very dear friends of his. Hurry back, KBB!

f. Today was a particularly hard day for me. Honestly, I just wanted to be sad and didn't feel like talking to anybody. Have you ever had one of those days ... where you wished no one would bother you?  I had to force myself to smile. Believe it or not, it's hard and pretty much impossible to be sad with a smile on your face. Try it!

f. During my library visit I came across this life changing book called, The 4:8 Principle. This book, based on Philippians 4:8, set me straight and helped me to see that I must force myself to act in a manner consistent with my values, not in a manner consistent with my feelings.

g. Tonight before bed, the family came together, and we again sang the hymn Count Your Blessings. This is what Philippians 4:8 is all about; learning how to seek out and dwell on the positives in our lives instead of the negatives.

h. It's so hard at times to see the lovely in life, but it's possible!

i. Originally we were scheduled to move to Texas in July (the Bullard plan), then our house sold without us putting it on the market causing us to move in May instead (God's plan). Now here we are staying with friends while our housing is to be determined -- Kevin and I both agree, God set us up, big time!

j. Are we upset with God? Absolutely not. We know His love for us will cover us, guide us, and care for us as we walk by faith along this unfamiliar path.

k. Here I am, again, thinking that I only have room in my heart for my current friendships, and perhaps feeling like if I make new friends somehow I would be replacing them. But, then I'm reminded that God's love has been poured in my heart (Romans 5:5), and I'm able to love any number of people He brings into my life and across my path. How limited my thinking can be at times! I'm grateful for the higher thoughts that come from Him.

l. Kevin and I ended up talking to my sister for about an hour tonight, sharing in her crazy 24 hours, which brought much needed humor to Kevin, my sister, and my day! Sometimes you just have to laugh out loud.