Friday, June 20, 2014

Brain Dump - June 20th

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a. The kids and I drove to Plano today to pick Marty up and bring him back to Fort Worth. So three hours of my day were spent on the Texas roads.

b. Enjoyed some quality time alone with Caitlin today. We prepared a meal, then sat together and talked while we ate. I forced myself to put my phone away (I'm glad I did!) and enjoy the moment we were sharing. It was satisfying to spend time with my middle child.

c. I listened to a broadcast today by David Jeremiah during my drive time. I heard him say faith was like when you sit in a chair; you are putting your full weight on the chair. Walking by faith is putting the full weight of your situation on God.

d. This is were I am. I'm putting the full weight of our housing situation on God. I'm reminding myself of what His word says, and that settles it for me.

e. Not much to say tonight ... Psalm 24 will be my nightly mediation.

f. Cetelia will bloom where she has been planted!